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Thank You For Your Interest In Booking The James Pitts Band

Our prices range between $600 and $2,500, depending of a few factors that are unique to your venue or event.

In order for us to put together a custom quote for your event we will need to  review the information you have provided us through the submission form. We will get back to you with a custom quote A.S.A.P.

For a faster quote, please schedule a free 30 minute conversation with James Pitts. 

Let's get to know each other a bit before the event, during the meeting we will discuss all the information about the gig. Time and location, venue capacity, P.A. requirements, lighting or stage requirements, length of performance, marketing needs, price, gas, lodging, food, special events, etc.


30 Minute Conversation with James Pitts

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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